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We offer a wide variety of custom services for our authors, below is a general outline of what we have to offer to assist in making your dreams of becoming a published author a reality.

We do offer custom packages as well as flexible payment plans.  If you would like to take advantage of our custom packages please click here to contact us today.

Why Are We The Best?

Our mission is to assist authors in becoming published paid authors and being the next NY Times Best Selling Author.


Establishing in 2009, HHH Publishing LLC prides itself on being the publisher that cares.

We have a partnership with 1 of the largest distribution companies around, Ingram Spark. With distribution to over 39,000 booksellers, online retailers & libraries. We are unlike many of the subsidy & vanity publishers out today, our focus is on protecting the authors rights.

Coaching Services

•Assistance getting the words out of your head onto the pages of your very own book

•Story building & formatting

•Character definition

•Establishing yourself as an expert in your field



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Book Format 

• Paperback, Full Color Front & Back Covers, B&W interior, Includes a Premium Custom cover design**, Advanced interior formatting*, ISBN, unlimited interior images, 2 hardcopy proofs, standard global distribution and much more.

• Hard Cover, Full Color Front & Back Covers, B&W interior. Includes a Premium Custom cover design**, Advanced interior formatting*, ISBN, unlimited interior images,  2 hardcopy proofs, standard global distribution and much more.

**Other companies charge extra for hard copy galleys and what they deem as “premium” cover design and “advanced” interior formatting. All of our books are custom created with no hidden fees or extra charges.




Magazine Design & Publishing

•Cover, inside page design & layout for a magazine that will be published quarterly.

•Cover, inside page design & layout for a magazine that will be published bi-monthly.

•Cover, inside page design & layout for a magazine that will be published monthly.

All magazine design fees include 100 copies of 1st issue only, printing costs can vary and we cannot control the increases from printers.  However we will ensure that we will always offer the best cost for our authors.

Publishing Services


•  eBook Design and Conversion. Includes premium formatting, color cover and interior page creation and all of our major online distribution channels including iPad, Kindle, Nook and more.

• eBook Conversion. Add to your softcover packages or to convert books that do not require additional design or formatting. Includes all of our major online distribution channels.

Ghost Writing

Need assistance telling your story, please take advantage of our ghostwriting services. Contact us today for pricing information.

Manuscript Evaluation

• Non-Fiction


•Children’s Books

The HHH Publishing LLC Manuscript Evaluation is the cornerstone of our Essential Editorial Services. This is the first step towards determining the level of editing required for your book—honest feedback from a seasoned published editor. You’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation report and a 4-5 page sample edit. One of the following levels of editing will be recommended.

Premium Copyediting

This service is for manuscripts that may need extensive structural and organizational work at the word, sentence and paragraph levels. In addition to addressing mechanics, your editor will make recommendations to improve the manuscript’s overall composition and strengthen technical elements in the writing.

Please Note: Occasionally, the amount of editorial service required to edit a manuscript to industry standard may fall outside the scope of the above services. In those rare instances, a separate quote will be provided.

Total time for Copyediting: 2-4 weeks

Why Should I have my book copyedited?

If you’ve worked on your manuscript for months or even years, you may have done all you can on your own. At some point, it’s time to let go of your work and place it in the hands of a professional. Our experienced copy editors know what to look for and will be able to catch mistakes, make suggestions for improvement and generally upgrade the level of your writing. At all levels of service, your manuscript will receive the careful attention of an experienced editorial professional, who will provide the help you need to raise your manuscript to professional publishing standard.

What is in the Manuscript Evaluation?

The evaluation begins with an overview of the main editorial concerns, referencing where they appear in the manuscript. Attention is given to writing mechanics, including grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, as well as syntax and word choice. The basis for your editor’s final recommendation for one of three levels of copy editing is provided using a comprehensive 10-point scale. A sample edit completes the evaluation, showing you precisely how the prescribed level of editing will benefit your writing. The recommended level of copy editing will depend solely on the unique nature of your book.

Must I choose the level of copyediting recommended in my evaluation?

In all honesty, it is in your book’s best interest to go with the level of copyediting recommended in the evaluation. However, you are free to choose a different level of copy editing, or even to submit your book for copyediting without first having the book evaluated. If the level of copyediting you choose isn’t sufficient to get the job done, we will recommend an alternate level of service.

What if premium copyediting is recommended for my book? Does that mean my book is really bad?

Not at all. The levels of editing are based not only on the time required to edit your book, but on the complexity of the material. Premium copyediting is appropriate when a greater level of attention to style, clarity and consistency will improve the overall quality of the work.

Why should I use HHH Publishing LLC’s editorial service?

HHH Publishing LLC has been working with authors since 2009. In all this time, we have sought out the best, most effective methods of helping authors achieve their goals. Each step of the way, we’ve exhausted a great deal of effort vetting all of our processes to ensure that you can trust us to deliver a value greater than cost. As such, we have created editorial services guaranteed to make your book its professional best.

How do I know if my book is “good enough” to publish?

Rather than make a judgment as to whether your book is good enough, the manuscript evaluation will determine the level of copyediting required to make your book its professional best. You will please your readers and build an audience for your writing by making your book the best it can be.

Once my book is copyedited, what will I receive?

In addition to a style sheet, you will receive a new version of your manuscript for your review: a PDF file. The PDF file contains the editor’s “tracked” changes so that you can see exactly what has been added to and deleted from your original text. If there is a deletion that you would like to reinstate, you will be able to do this by letting the editor know. You may also make any other changes you wish; however you will be responsible for all changes that appear in your final proof book.

Can I speak to my editor?

Should you have questions pertaining to your editorial service, you should contact us anytime.

How can I get started writing & publishing my book?

Contact us today for more information on how to purchase our manuscript evaluation.

“Your life may be yours to live, but your story belongs to the world.” -Lisa Marie